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Nutrients & Additives


Mega Crop Fertilizer for 

Hydroponics or Soil

5lb & 21lb Bags

  • MEGA CROP is an all in one, complete plant nutrient designed from the ground up.

  • MEGA CROP uses advanced amino-acid Chelate’s, soluble Silica, Chitosan Oligosaccharide, B-Vitamins, 18 L-Amino acids, and Kelp extract in addition to proprietary formula composition which ensures the product is soluble at up to 100x concentrations, all the while allowing the plants to have maximum absorption in a wide variety of growing conditions and growing mediums.




Cal-Mag Pro 

5lb Bag

  • CalMag Pro complete Calcium and Magnesium supplement, is everything you need to prevent deficiencies and build stronger healthier plants. 

  • Some growing media or plant strains need higher than normal amounts of Calcium or Magnesium.  This product will fix and prevent deficiencies from these types of issues. 

  • Also, this product acts as a secondary Nitrogen booster, with 2 separate sources of Nitrogen. 

  •  Can be used for any crops or plants that use above normal amounts of Nitrogen this product can be used also



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